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Thank you to Maeve & Tweed Sims for their gift in memory of GCI Dog Mary Kate, who passed away in December 2015.

Thank you to Jane Ronyack for your gift to GCI in loving memory of "Monte". Monte was a companion dog to Raymond Ganssle of Georgia and was loved by the entire family. Monte will be missed by all.

"Monte taking a nap in the sun"


District governor Cheryl Greenway has an appeal for Rotary Clubs around the district to help her service theme of "Animals Helping People". The Rotary Club of Cordele has made a donation to GCI in Cheryl's honor. Thank you to the Cordele Rotary Club for your gift and all that you do in our communities.


In loving memory of Mona Quinn & Danny Wilson's sweet girl "Scout". Thank you to Shirley Dampier for your gift to GCI in honor of Scout to help support our service dog programs.



In loving memory of my sister's sweet baby boy "Yeager". You were the best friend ever to everyone and we will miss you very much. You were loved very much by everyone who knew you.

Sonya, Breanne, and Trudy's "Yeager"


Thank you so much to Sharain & Gerard Mueller for choosing GCI as the recipient of your holiday party and gift giving contribution in memory of your sweet Duncan. We are so blessed and honored to have the support of you and all of your very generous & kind friends. Happy Holidays.



Thank you to Cheryl & friends of the Bob Hutchinson Family for your contribution to GCI in loving memory of Cinnamon Sugar II.

I remember that the first puppy shower we gave at SITA was for Sweet Cinnamon and she was such a tiny little dachshund.
My funniest memory is Tammie trying to “potty train” Cinnamon.
Our Sympathy goes out to the family.

John Meeks, Adrianna Colbath and Cheryl Collier


Thank you to Mona Quinn for her contribution to GCI in honor of "Ginger", Shirley Dampier's new best friend! Thanks to Shirley for giving this sweet baby a great new home.

John, John, and Sophie Delorous would like to thank Myra Campbell, Cheryl Collier, and Freda Lee for making donations to GCI in memory of our sweet girl Winifred Louise ("Fred") who left us on July 11, 2010. We miss you, Baby Girl.


Thank you to Mona Quinn for making a contribution in memory of Katie, beloved pet and family member of Chuck Philio.


Thank you to Monie Quinn for her donation in the name of our little Schipperke, Zorro who was a beloved member of the Bob, Jane, Dana, Dustin, Loren and Kristi Ronyack family. Our little Meech Meech was loved by all. Zorro loved chasing squirrels, playing dress up, cleaning supper plates, and going for walks. We miss our little Zorbelina!


Thank you to Shirley Dampier for her donation in loving memory of Maggie Wilson-Christiansen, beloved family member of Robin and Brad Christiansen

'Maggie could only dream of a life that was just on the other side of the fence, but dreams became reality when Robin and Brad changed her life from little to no love to two loving parents and two brothers, Kody, Beau, and eventually a newcomer from the Katrina storm, Cajun. Maggie became a force to be reckoned with, and in no time at all had the 'brothers three' in line, making sure she filled the shoes from their beloved sister Sydnee. Beau especially is certainly going to miss his sister, but her spirit will forever live in their home and the hearts that she loved so much - and that loved her.'


Thank you to Bob and Kathy Steele for contributing in honor of the second anniversary of Paul and Abby Keener

Abby helped to train GCI dog "Jerry", who served as her ringbearer

Thank you to Linda Robertson who gave in honor of Zeus and Asia - Christmas 2009

Thank you to Courtney Coman who made a Christmas gift in honor of her Aunt Maureen and Uncle Dave!

Happy 4th Birthday to skilled companion canine Charlie!
Love your family - Jimmy, Michelle, Hope, and A.J. Jarrard

Happy Holidays to Mona Quinn
From her co-workers Shannon Edwards, Shirley Dampier, Gary Farmer, Larry Johnson, Myloan Nguyen, David Pinnix, Matt Burden, Ella Vaughn, Michelle Long, and Marla Headd, who made a special gift to GCI in her honor to celebrate the holidays

Thank you to Mona Quinn, who donated in memory of "Sierra" - precious family member of Beth, Tod, Raegan, and Samantha Bickley of Galena, Ohio.


Thank you to Cheryl Collier and Myra Campbell who donated in memory of beautiful, sweet, smart Labrador- Lars Willis, who was the precious family member of Al and Dee Willis

Thank you to Susan Holton who donated in memory of Norton, a wonderful kitty who shared his heart and home with two Golden Retrievers

GCI was honored to receive a donation in memory of Adam Tefera from the co-workers of his father, Alem. Thank you to:
John Meeks
Cheryl Collier
Freda Lee
Adrianna Colbath,
who gave to support our charity on November 12, 2009.

Thank you to Susan Kiley, who gave in honor of Kim Loomis to celebrate her birthday in October 2009! Kim is a GCI volunteer trainer and Mom of therapy dog George. She has made a difference in the lives of so many throughout our community!

Happy Birthday to Kim Loomis!
From Leah Torsberg, who gave in celebration of her special day

Thank you to Shirley Dampier who donated $100 in memory of her beloved "Hannah"

I remember bringing you home . You were so small with your big paws and soft fur. Making a mess of the house and chewing on the expensive items (of course) became a passion, and even after I would scold you, you would look at me as if to say "I'm sorry, and I'll do it again as soon as you're not watching." As you got older, you would protect me by looking out the window and barking at anyone who walked by. When I had a tough day at work, you would be waiting for me with your tail wagging just to say "welcome home - I am glad you're back." You never had a bad day, and I could always count on you to be there for me. When I would read the paper or watch TV, you would inject yourself into my presence looking for my attention. You never asked for anything except for me to get your favorite treat from the fridge - a carrot or two. As you got older, you moved around more slowly. Then one day, old age started taking its toll, then something more powerful took you over that I could not take away. Over the next few weeks, you would look at me as if to say you were old and tired and that after all these years of not asking for anything, you had to ask me for one last favor, but let it be at the home where you and I lived so many years together. When you took your last walk to me, you looked at me as if to say "Thank you for taking care of me." I thought, "No, thank you for taking care of me."



Susan Stockdale, Wes Cox, and skilled companion dog Ben

It is with deep sadness that we memorialize GCI family member Wes Cox, who received skilled companion dog Ben last year. We admired Wes for his service to our country, for his strength, and for the way he loved and cared for his baby boy Ben. We were truly blessed to know Wes, and we will remember him always! We are also incredibly blessed that Ben has the best Momma ever, and we are deeply grateful to Susan for loving Ben so much and for giving him a wonderful, happy home!
Thank you to the following who gave in memory of Wes:
Alice Terry
Ann Winnen
Kim Loomis

Guaranty Mortgage Services LLC made a gift of $300
in memory of Gertrude Eller.

In loving memory of our friend and volunteer Michelle Custance
July 01, 1982 - December 18, 2008. We will always smile when we think of you!

Michelle was born with congenital spina bifida. She never let her medical condition dampen her spirit or keep her from helping others. She volunteered her time to work our service dogs and was a very important part of our training program. She trained the dogs how to load / unload her van safely using a wheelchair lift and how to work with her wheelchair. She made a difference, and she will be missed!
Special Thanks to the following, who gave in memory of Michelle:
Barbara Custance
Stacey Miller
Peggy & Thomas Reisher
Lana Sykes
Marie Bornemann
Tania & William Jackson
Patricia Silverstein
Steve & Kathy Blake
Chris & Nancy Elliott
Joan & Harold Howard
Shelley Howard
Carol & Thomas Gorgonne
Debbie Cousineau
Kristen Clodfelter
Paula Reddersen
Barbara Burns
Margaret & Martin Blustine
Jeanne Wood
Robert & Mary Ellen Donaldson
Thomas Barone
William & Linda Collins
Zoltan Gombas
Marie Muzio
Julia Hanley
Amanda Yee (on behalf of The HLAVAC UW Team)
Nancy Hanson
Lisa Laarhoven
Melissa Hickey
Jeanne Ewing Martini

Thank you to Debbie Cousineau who gave in memory of Michelle's birthday on July 01, 2009

Family & Friends have raised $2,355.00

The Kirby Family Sponsored Service Dogs In Honor of Mom Bettie and Dad Charlie.
GCI named dogs Bettie, Charlie, Eddie, and Kirby in honor of the Kirby family's tremendous dedication to our cause since 2005!


Tim and Ramona Nichols donated $100 in memory of Chocolate Lab Morgan
Morgan was our first dog together as a couple. She taught us so much about training and became our partner in obedience training programs. Morgan helped to socialize hundreds of dogs, who were abused or suffered from dog aggression. When we started Georgia Canines for Independence, she was the big sister for the first 5 service-dogs-in-training and was our little helper. She brought us so much joy and gave us so much love. We were so lucky to have her for 13 years, and we will always miss our little chocolate drop!





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